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SD Flash Copier – Duplicate Raspberry PI Disks with ease!


SD3000 by U-Reach

Tools of the trade – The Raspberry PI Card Copier

For school settings, or when trying to recreate a project multiple times, a flash card copier is a fantastic tool.  It’s not cheap though, it will set you back about $140, so consider it carefully.  Once you have it though – you’ll be glad you do.

The SD3000 by U-Reach is an extremely easy-to use copier.  I’ve used it when I want to leave a project running, while making modifications to a duplicate.

To use:

  1. Pop in the disk you want to copy into slot 1
  2. Pop in the blank, or disk you want to copy over into slot 2
    • (and 3 if you want to make 2 of ’em!)
  3. Make sure the copier is on the “copy” setting
  4. Press the O button to start.
  5. A few minutes later, your duplicate is ready.

This same tool can be built with a raspberry pi, but by the time you’re done, with parts and effort, you’ll be at the same price point.  (I checked. ;))


You’ll want to make sure the disk you are copying to is the same size or larger than the original. Beware: Disks that are labeled the same, like 32Gb, may be close, but if the source disk is even 20 megabytes larger, you can’t copy it to the other.  So it’s best to stick with the same manufacturer.


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