Games · Websites – The most well known of the IOs. (A guide on how to play.)



What is it? is like the original game, Snake. The way you get on to is either, by looking it up on Google Chrome, or Safari. Once you look it up, and press enter. You should come to a page that says “” and has a small purple area that says “nickname”.(Another screen might have a lot of results, but the top one should say:
The smash-hit game! Play with millions of players around the world and 
try to become the longest of the day!

click on that and you will be put into the game.)

How to play

First enter what you want to be called in the “nickname” section. After that, press enter and you will be put inside the game.

You will look like a snake or a worm.

If you are in full screen you have to click on the screen and your worm will go in that direction.

If you are not in full screen your worm will follow your cursor.

There will be glowing orbs. Try to eat them and you will get larger. Also, try not to run into other worms or you will die.  If you run into yourself nothing will happen.

At the end of the map there will be a red line, which is the boundary, do not run into it or your worm will just disappear.

Your score, your rank, and the number of people on server will be in the bottom left corner. Once bigger, left click and you will speed boost. When you speed boost you will get smaller.

If someone runs into you they will turn into a bunch of glowing orbs.

The leader board will be in the top right corner. The map will be in the bottom right corner.


One tip is, once you are larger circle your enemies. Also, go to the center of the map, there will be lots of people there.



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