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Raspberry PI Foundation Curriculum – Great Structure! Achievable Milestones!

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 8.00.46 AM

The Raspberry PI Foundation just released a neat way of structuring goals for a class.  In addition they’ve provided a way to segment interests among the students which reflects the latest thinking in personality types.

Check it out:

For our class – I’ll have the students pick off the first level of each area – then with that under their belt, they can see which area they gravitate to next.

For a fun bit – they can work to each level as an achievement.  We can host “graduation” ceremonies as a recognition of their advancement.

One thing I have to call out – which I think is fantastic – the examples of what someone at a level can do are just perfect.  I hope they have a way of getting to more of these – or provide examples of what others have done for each of those levels.

If you want to get started… at least on the Programming and Physical Computing tracks, the lessons I’m putting together should get your kids right on their way:

Lesson 1




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