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Wizard’s Fire!!!


What is it!?

It’s a small smoke generator controlled by Alexa – that allows you to evoke the chalice of fire one might imagine being part of Harry Potter’s world.  The smoke is illuminated by high-ish powered lasers, and the whole thing is controlled with an ESP8266 and an Alexa Skill.

How does it work?

It generates smoke using Nichrome Wire, and propylene glycol and the whole thing runs as an Arduino Script, powered by a high amperage 5V source.

Wizards fire light.

Is it safe?

Sorta.  The propylene glycol is considered food safe, but the lasers are a bit high powered and should not be considered toys.  This build uses a single Lidar to auto-turn-off when anyone gets within half a meter.  One other thing to note is that is uses 15 watts… which is right above where people generally consider a-ok for everything because it needs to generate such a large amount of localized heat.

How does Alexa fit in?

Alexa sees the ESP8266 as an outlet it can automate.  That outlet is then automated using Alexa Routines!  So now when I say: “Alexa!  Wizards Fire” she responds, “Behold, the fire of the ancients.”… and then I cackle for about 2 minutes.

Let me know if you want to play!

And I can help you get started.  I’m also considering selling them on Etsy… you could be the reason I do. These aren’t cheap, the lasers are fifty dollars and the routing out of the chalice is labor intensive.

For more wizarding fun…

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