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How to get on is a pretty fun game.  The link to get on is below this.


Once you click that you will be transported into the game site.  There will be a section that says “Choose a name…”.  In there put what you want to be called.  Then click the button that shows an arrow.  Once you click that you will be in the game.

Parts of the Interface

In the top right corner there will be the leader board.

How to play

You will look like a a little person with a morning star.  That is the best I can describe it.  The way you move your character is either w,s,d,a, or the arrow keys.

If you are in full screen, to move your morning star, you have to click where you want it to go.  If you are not in full screen then your morning star will follow your cursor.

If you hit another person with your morning star they will disappear and your weapon will get larger.  If you are hit then you will disappear.


One tip is to hide in your own morning star.


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