Games · Websites – A fun one in the series of IO Games (A guide on how to play.)


How to get on is a fairly simple game.  To get on the game, like, you first have to look it up in Google Chrome or in Safari and it will either put you straight into the game or put you into a results list.  Once there on of the top results should say:
The smash hit game! Control your cell and eat other players to grow larger!
Play with millions of players around the world and try to become the biggest
 cell of all.

Parts of the interface

The leader board will be in the top right corner and your score will be in the bottom left corner.

How to play

There will be a section that says “Nick”.  That is where you put in what you want to be called.  There will be a section that says “Play as Guest” and a section that says “Login and Play”.  If you choose to login and play you can earn coins and skins.  Pick what you want to be called before you click on one of these.  Once you have gotten into the game, you will look like a dot. It will follow your cursor.  An example player:


There will be smaller dots and if you eat them you will get bigger.  Also once you get bigger you can eat other players and get bigger.

There will be green spiky balls. if you are small enough to go inside it nothing will happen, but if you are too big then you will explode into lots of time balls.

If you press “w” a ball will come out of you.  Once you press “space bar” you will split into two.  After a wile your two halves will start to fuze together.


One tip is run after somebody that is less than half your size, then split and your second half will shoot at that person.

One other tip is if you are running away from somebody bigger than you, split several times because the smaller you are the faster you get.


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