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Robot Commander Alexa Skill – Has PI


Robot Commander Launched!!!

I wrote a new Alexa skill called RobotCommander.  It allows you to control a robot through a maze of traps.  The fun part is the game, but along side the game I also built a site that updates as you play.

The Intro…

Welcome commander!

You need to Save your robots! Doctor Snot Bomb trapped them in a maze of land mines!

You run to the command center to help them. Only your memory and wits can save them. There is one path to safety. Get your robots across the field by navigating the traps Doctor Snot Bomb placed.

Robots will be destroyed as you discover the safe path. Its the only way.  Save as many as you can by memorizing the path before each destruction. The field is a grid which is ten squares wide.

Tell your robot to go forward left or right. They cannot go backward. If you lose track of your location, say, where am I.

You start with one hundred robots. Good luck!

The board…

Check it out here:


It also has a library for the pi…


The library can be found here:

Its intended to work with the Raspberry PI Sense Hat:


As you play.  The field on the top of the hat will update with the places that were safe, and the places in which the robots crashed.

If you try it…

Please let me know what you think!  It was fun to build, but its even more fun to hear and see people using it.  Even better, leave it a glowing review! 🙂



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